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Parking and Traffic Restrictions Update - 3/2/15

Posted Monday March, 2nd 2015 7:00AM
Parking/Traffic Restriction

The following parking and traffic restrictions remain in effect in the City of Salem until further notice due to snow accumulation limiting roadways.

Temporary One Way Streets

Some streets in the city are no longer capable of safely handling normal two way traffic due to snow accumulation. By order of the Salem Police Department these streets have been declared "One Way" until further notice as of Tuesday, February 17, 2015 at 7:00 am. Signage will be posted on the designated streets to inform motorists of the change.

Click Here for a list of streets designated as One Way

No Parking Either Side

The "No Parking Either Side" restriction on certain streets remains in effect until further notice. Residents should park vehicles on the even side of residential streets not affected by this restriction in their neighborhood, on entrance corridors, or in off street lots until further notice.

Click Here for a list of streets designated as No Parking Either Side

No Parking on Odd Side

The Salem Police are maintaining the citywide "No Parking on Odd Side" of residential streets restriction until further notice. Residents should park vehicles on the even side of residential streets. If a street regularly does not allow parking on the even side of the street, continue to follow normal parking restrictions. In the event that parked vehicles do not allow for 12 feet of clearance in the street, no parking is allowed. Vehicles impeding the passage of emergency vehicles will be ticketed and towed.

The City of Salem is making many lots throughout the city available for residents impacted by the parking restrictions. Click Here for a complete list of off street parking locations

Please contact us at 978-744-1212 with questions or concerns about the above restrictions. Do not dial 9-1-1 for parking concerns.

Snow Emergency 3/1/14

Posted Sunday March, 1st 2015 5:29PM

The City of Salem has declared a Snow Emergency effective Sunday, March 1, 2015 at 9:00 pm until Monday, March 2, 2015 at 7:00 am.

All vehicles must be removed from the streets; failure to do so may result in ticketing and towing.

All vehicles must be removed from school lots promptly at 7:00 am on Monday, March 2, 2015. The lots must be cleared for school to open with a two hour delay. Any vehicles remaining in the school lots after 7:00 am will be ticketed and towed.

For a list of approved public off street parking sites please visit the City's Snow Emergency Central or call our Snow Emergency Hotline at 978-744-0171 extension 166.

If your vehicle has been towed, please contact us at 978-744-1212 for information.

To report a power outage or check the status of an outage contact National Grid at 1-800-465-1212 or visit their storm page here. Do not call 9-1-1 to report a power outage unless there is a life threatening emergency.

For inquiries related to snow removal or plowing please contact the Department of Public Works at 978-744-3302. You may also request services from the DPW through the SeeClickFix app online or on your phone. Visit this page for more information.

City officials will evaluate the need for parking restrictions after the Snow Emergency has been lifted. Please check back or visit the City of Salem website at

Follow us on Facebook at and on Twitter @SalemMAPolice for updates as the storm progresses.

Snow Operations Update - 2/25/15

Posted Wednesday February, 25th 2015 1:30PM

We promise there will be a time that we provide an update on something other than snow, but in the mean time the Salem Police would like to pass on the following:

Temporary Parking and Traffic Restrictions

No Parking Either Side restrictions remain in effect on many streets throughout the city. A handful of streets have also been made One Way's. As snow removal operations continue to widen certain streets we are removing unneeded restrictions. Residential streets not listed remain restricted to parking on the even side only. We encourage everyone to regularly check the list of streets on

No Parking Either Side:
Temporary One Way:

Snow Removal Operations

The Department of Public Works and their contractors continue to remove snow from key areas of the city. These plans are being evaluated and changed on a day by day basis. We ask that residents parked along main roads regularly check and for signs posted along their streets for information about snow removal. We are making every attempt we can prior to having to tow a vehicle for snow removal.

Police Operations

The Salem Police are continuing to adapt to the changing snow conditions. As complaints are received by our communications personnel officers are being assigned to investigate or we are contacting responsible agencies to respond. Prior to taking any enforcement action officers are attempting to locate the owners of motor vehicles. Our traffic division is regularly monitoring the changing conditions and updating restrictions as needed. During school opening and closings officers are being posted at schools to provide visible assistance as our call volume allows. We encourage residents to continue to contact us at 978-744-1212 with questions or concerns about parking and traffic issues.

Future Concerns

As we continue to move towards spring we echo our partners in other city departments in asking residents to clear storm drains of snow. A map of storm drains throughout the city is available on the city's GIS website at: (Select Drainage System and then Catch Basins)
There is also significant continuing concern about snow on flat roofs. Homeowners and landlords should keep in mind the weight of snow as it accumulates. Check out this page from MEMA about the hazards:
The Department of Public Works has crews assigned to repair potholes on city streets. They are requesting that residents report any potholes through the SeeClickFix App on your phone or at

We appreciate the support and patience during the past couple weeks. Please continue to share information with your friends and neighbors about parking restrictions and snow removal.

Other Recent Announcements


“In Service to the Community”


Salem MA Police - 12:10PM Mar 4
Salem PD reminds all of the silent 911 call procedures in place. If you can't talk, we can still help.

Salem MA Police - 5:36PM Mar 2
Today the Salem Police remember Officer Robert Flynn who died in the line of duty on this date in 1958.…

Salem MA Police - 4:35PM Mar 2
Found cat on Loring Ave in a garage. Call us @ 978-744-1212 if you recognize it.

Salem MA Police - 7:06AM Mar 2
The snow emergency was lifted as of 7am. Parking restrictions remain in effect across the city. See for details.

Salem MA Police - 5:33PM Mar 1
Remember all cars MUST be out of the school lots promptly at 7am tomorrow to allow schools to open w/ 2 hour delay.

Salem MA Police - 5:33PM Mar 1
#SalemMA Snow Emergency parking ban starts at 9pm tonight through 7am tomorrow. Move all vehicles off the road to avoid towing.

Salem MA Police - 8:35PM Feb 26
If you have concerns about a solicitor or a possible scam call 978-744-1212 without delay so we can respond.

Salem MA Police - 8:35PM Feb 26
Basically, all for profit solicitors must have a license from the police and display this license when soliciting.

Salem MA Police - 8:34PM Feb 26
A note from the Salem PD about door to door soliciting and the licensing process.…

Salem MA Police - 1:43PM Feb 25
An update from the Salem Police on parking, snow removal, and related concerns on Facebook &

Salem MA Police - 1:53PM Feb 22
Reminder that the #SalemMA Snow Emergency was lifted at 10am. Please remove all cars from municipal and school lots.

Salem MA Police - 10:00PM Feb 21
Snow Emergency now in effect in #SalemMA. Remove all vehicles from the road or they will be subject to ticketing and towing.

Salem MA Police - 4:13PM Feb 21
See… for off street and lots. Remember to remove cars from school immediately following the end of the snow emergency.

Salem MA Police - 4:12PM Feb 21
#SalemMA Snow Emergency goes into effect at 10 pm tonight. Move all cars off the streets to avoid ticketing and towing.

Salem MA Police - 11:05AM Feb 20
We ask for your continued patience & co-operation as we work though the winter, spring is coming we promise.

Salem MA Police - 11:03AM Feb 20
Please continue to share info about parking restrictions on w/ friends, family & guests.

Salem MA Police - 11:01AM Feb 20
Remember to let DPW know about snow removal concerns @ 978-744-3302 or through

Salem MA Police - 11:01AM Feb 20
See our post on Facebook for details about the call increase and our response.…

Salem MA Police - 11:01AM Feb 20
SPD seeing a huge increase in calls compared to last year due to the snow. Significant increase in phone calls, parking complaints, & tows

Salem MA Police retweeted

Dominick Pangallo - 5:57PM Feb 17
.@SalemMAPolice lifting temp parking ban on Forrester, Briggs, Boardman, Andrews, Spring & Pickman in #SalemMA. Even side parking only still

Salem MA Police - 3:42PM Feb 17
Please spread the word about parking and traffic restrictions in #SalemMA.…

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